Yawd is a team of creative web developers with more than 7 years of co-experience in web-based technologies. Our expertise in design, development and marketing of web solutions enables us to deliver customer oriented services of high quality for affordable prices.

Our project management skills to select the right tools and platforms have played a large part in our success. Over the years we have used a variety of development frameworks and tool-kits. Our decision to move forward with Django, had a positive impact not only for ourselves, but also for our customers. Today, we manage to build high customizable web sites and web applications, using our own Django-based CMS.

If you are ready to get started with a new web-site or web-application or even re-design your existing one, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Team Members

Pantelis is a Software Architect / Engineer with expertise in web design & development. His long experience with web systems (since 2006) guarantees the delivery of solid, fast-performing and eye-appealing applications.

Past Experience

  • [October 2006 - June 2009] Software engineer at the Research & Development department of the Library of University of Crete ( He worked on digital library systems.
  • [September 2008 - May 2010] Co-founder, technical manager & software engineer at OpenIT ( Network-based software systems, e-learning and desktop applications have been the company’s primary business fields.
  • [September 2007 - November 2010] Researcher, scientific collaborator at the Transformation Services Laboratory ( He worked on Business Process Modeling and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • [July 2011 - September 2012] Worked as a freelancer. He delivered various web-based projects both in PHP and Python.

Giorgos is a Software Engineer with solid experience in developing web-based applications. Since 2007, he designs and develops web applications and websites that combine technology, intelligence and inspiration, specializing in eCommerce integration.

Past Experience

  • [September 2007 - November 2010] Research Assistant at the Transformation Services Laboratory ( His work comprised of developing a web eLearning portal, developing the website of the annual "Summer School on Service Oriented Computing" held by TSL, researching and developing in the field of Service Science and Engineering and taking part in the European FP7 Network of Excellence, S-Cube, (Software Services and Systems Network).
  • [November 2011 - September 2012] Freelance web developer. He delivered custom applications using some of the latest web technologies, including JQuery, Joomla, Wordpress and the Django framework.