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yawd-translations - Tools For Multilingual Django Websites | Yawd Web Applications


Yawd-translations is a Django application that enables rapid development of multilingual Django websites.

It allows for managing project languages and static translation messages through the admin interface, storing translations in the database and creating SEO-friendly multilingual urls.


  • Manage the website's installed Languages through the admin interface
  • Generate translation messages for all installed applications and defined languages using the admin interface (no need to restart the web server)
  • Translatable db models API
  • A custom admin inline to manage db translations
  • A custom middleware to hange the way Django detects language preference and use the db default language
  • A patterns function to achieve SEO-friendly multilingual URLs
  • Additional tools, like a context processor to access available languages in your templates and a simple template tag to easily switch between the available translations of a page in the front-end website.