Custom Content Management System (CMS)

A hotel wants to easily manage bookings, a photographer must effortlessly publish his material and an online store must check the warehouse. Can all these requirements be served equally well by a single system? No. Does everyone need a bunch of functions that will never be used, and will burden the system? No. Does the interface need to be the same for the experienced user and for one not familiar with the technology? No. We provide applications customized in your specific needs, developing in Django code. We work together to create what you want.

Responsive & fluid UI design

Since the beginning of 2012, 20% of users visit websites from their mobile phones or tablet PCs. Don't you think this percent is too large to be ignored? Our systems utilize the latest techniques for creating applications and websites to comply with the device in which the user navigates the web. Thus we can present a special version for mobile phones, separate interface for tablets and a different approach for laptop and desktop computers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To contact with the Internet users, they must be able to find you. Our websites and web applications are search engine friendly, providing the main component for a successful online business. Although the exact mode of search engines is actually unknown (if someone except from Sergey Brin or Larry Page tells you that he knows how exactly Google does business, just ignore him ...), we never stop being informed, writing real HTML5, caring on the quality of your content and carefully planning the metadata of your website.

Speed & Stability

Any web system must be fast. Users' patience is running out rather easily and the battle for increasingly faster internet browsing should not be lost due to poor design and implementation of the website. In the first 4 seconds of a page loading, users tend to leave the website within an increasing rate. The rate reaches 25% in the fourth second. One out of four users is not a negligible number. This is another reason why we choose Django, which is one of the fastest web application development frameworks.

Keep it Simple

We design attractive and minimal interfaces, depending on the style and the domain of your business. User experience is always a main concern for us and we work continuously to improve it. Both the administrator of a system and the simple visitor should be familiar with the application environment (User Experience Design - UXD).

Social Networks

Join twitter and contact millions of users. Create a facebook page and share your business. Upload your photos to flickr to achieve maximum visibility. We integrate any social network to your business website.