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yawd-elfinder - Django File Manager | Yawd Web Applications


Yawd-elfinder is a Django application that incorporates all the features of the file management tool, elfinder v2. It allows quick and easy uploading, copying and editing your files via the management interface of your website.

The continuous development of the original elFinder guarantees that it can even meet the expectations of a production system. The elegance and simplicity of it's interface (inspired by the program management operating system files in Mac OSX Apple) makes it very attractive to the user. We managed to fill the missing gap of implementing elFinder for Django applications.


  • Easy integration with Django Models
  • Administrator Widget
  • Connectivity with both local and remote filesystems
  • Easy and Extensible API (supports managing files on the server from scratch)
  • Supports all elFinder feautures, except from the netmount command
  • Full configuration and support for file type and file rights management
  • Compressing files (.rar, .zip archives, etc.)


  • All operations on files and folders for a remote server (copy, move, upload, create folder / file, rename, etc.)
  • Support multiple initial folders
  • Uploading files without reloading the page, with the support of HTML5 Drag & Drop
  • View files / folders in list or details.